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According to a sign on the edge of town, its population is 14,679 and its motto is "Our Name Says It All". In July the average high temperature is 94F (34C) and the average low is 61F. In 1859, these pioneer settlers decided to establish a town where the ample Redwood country meets the fertile Central Valley. The town was originally named Timberville, but when two railroad land surveyors stopped in the town, one proclaimed it the last "charming" place for a railroad station before the very large, flat central valley. After the great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, the town saw a small in influx of settlers who left the bay area in search of a simpler, more stable life. In the post World War II baby boom, housing developers began to purchase several farmsteads and develop then with roads, utilities, and housing. Once rural orchards and ranches became picturesque middle-class neighborhoods and communities. Some of these neighborhoods include Crestwood, Sellwood, Eastburough, and Buckhead (known today as Sam Crow's Corner). Today, one of the most unique qualities of Charming is that it's maintained a classic Americana look and structure. Also rumored to have E Clampus Vitus activity in the early years, but can neither be confirmed or denied. Early industries in Charming included a lumber mill, saw mill, orchards, farms and cattle ranching. Oswald Lumber, Oswald Beef, and Oswald Construction are three of the town's predominant companies. Charming has managed to keep out unsightly chains and corporations; nearly all businesses are local and independent.
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Over the next century, the area is urbanizing slowly and after the construction of the Besanon station at the north end of Chaprais. Its development is accelerated with the construction of the current bridge of the Republic. At the end of the nineteenth century, Chaprais are a dynamic that attracts modern industrial (automobile brand Schneider, for example), but the bourgeoisie Bisontine who built beautiful villas such as those of the rue de Vittel. This vitality is also Chaprais favorite neighborhood in the municipality built a second station called the Mouillre, and promotes the building of the complex of baths (balneotherapy building, hotel and casino). Despite these activities, the area retains its originality Chaprais particularly in his stand that until today, is marked by great social mix. If the beginning of the twentieth century was marked by a certain demographic stagnation after the Second World War the Chaprais found vigor. Several apartment buildings are constructed and the remaining garden are rejected in the district of Vaite.
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Her life is pretty normal, until her twin brother, Akira, disappears. Akira was supposed to enter a high class all boys school but he runs away to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer, leaving only a note explaining his actions. At first Momoko and her mother thought it was just a joke but he really didn't come back. Now Momoko's mother went ballistic and started cutting her daughters hair saying that she has to take her brother's place until he comes back. Not good for her since she has to disguise herself as a boy and what's this about being roommates with another guy. Will she be able to hide her secret and survive or will she be found out. He first meets Momoko when he saves her (while she was a girl) from getting hit by a car. He calls her stupid for not paying attention and she returns that he is a bastard. After discovering that she is a girl, he tries his best to protect her identity. When Akira later returns, he admits he ran away to be a photographer. He thinks that Momoko is actually a boy and that him and Itou are both gay and dating. Momoko and Itou meet Ryou during vacation when the couple wanted to spend time alone with each other. Turns out, when Momoko and Ryou were children Ryou gave Momoko a bouquet as a promise that they'll be together forever.
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Secretary of State Christian Herter presented a check to Carlos P. Gil Carter literally knocked the ball out of the park, clearing the left field light tower at Montgomery Field. Faubus addressed a crowd of 1,000 segregationists in front of the State Capitol while the two schools, each admitting three black students, were beginning classes. The first image, taken from an altitude of about 27,000 km or 17,000 miles, showed the clouds over the northern Pacific Ocean. Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Arleigh Burke, disclosed that the Soviet Union could fire submarine-launched ballistic missiles, based on observations made in May. At the time, the United States was still constructing its own Polaris missile subs. Quinn, who was then administered the oath as the first state governor. The orchestra performed Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony in the presence of its composer, Dmitri Shostakovich. A crowd of 4,000 turned out to watch a doubleheader featuring Negro League teams in an exhibition. Long of Hawaii were administered the oath of office by Vice-President Richard M. The United States House of Representatives had its largest number of members ever as Hawaii's Daniel K. Another 166 "incorrigible recidivsts" were transferred to the newer Lovech camp. The 28 foot tall missile was fired by compressed air, with engine ignition at 70 feet. The Les Stewart Quartet had been scheduled to play on opening night, but the group broke up after an argument. Instead, Quartet members George Harrison and Ken Brown teamed up with two members of The Quarry Men, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and the four guitarists played the opener.
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Other changes instituted for the 1980 model year included black flares and air dam, standard 14x6 styled road wheels with the aluminum rims optional, and no simulated aluminum dash overlays. Amos Johnson and partner Dennis Shaw were the team principals and drivers in the North Carolina based "Team Highball". The new 1979 304 in V8 powered AMX was already homologated to meet Group One production car based rules. With almost no prior time on the race course, the team qualified the cars in 20th and 21st overall. The track tested both the cars and their new street tires, but both finished the race with one car in 25th and the second in 43rd overall. Another unique aspect of these historic racecars is that they were among the few ever to have had a period documentary film ("The Ultimate Challenge") done about the racecar preparation and race experience. Steve started restoration with an eye on a mix of its FIA Group 1 and IMSA GTO specs. The story on how this car was discovered is highlighted in Tom Cotter's book "The Cobra in the Barn". This is the team car driven by Lyn St James, Gary Witzenburg and Jim Downing. Steve also tracked down the prototype FIA AMX, still in its original paint, that was used to homologate these two FIA AMX race cars. Using the Spirit liftback body, the racecar was designed by Richard A. The car was constructed by Autodynamics of Troy, Michigan under contract from PPG Industries. It was an innovative concept and was well executed from an engineering standpoint, which illustrates the creative thinking and skilled engineering that characterized AMC'
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